Touring Information

Zone of Alienation is rather flexible to accommodate in all sorts of different venues. However, certain general guidelines should be kept in mind.


Within Europe, the preferred mode of transportation is overland, using our own light truck. Due to the amount of equipment that we usually need to carry with us, it is not normally viable to travel within Europe in any other way. The approximate travel costs should be calculated as 0.60 Euro per Kilometer, including maintenance costs, mandatory insurance and road tax, road tolls, vignette-style stickers, and travelling subsistence costs.

For the USA and Canada, flight tickets from Europe would be necessary, along with some form of overland transportation for when we arrive. We prefer the route of a cheap, old, GMC/Chevy/Dodge full-size van in serviceable condition to be purchased prior to our arrival, which we could then collect and tour with. Upon agreement, Full-Wave Rectifier Laboratories would normally arrange the purchase of the tickets and vehicle, and the cost would be divided between the booked concerts, along with travel costs which could be approximately calculated as 0.60 US Dollars per Mile.

For Australia and New Zealand, we would also prefer a similar arrangement as with the USA. A Bedford CF 250 or 350 in good condition would be perfect. For one-off shows, or where a different travel arrangement would be more suitable, please contact us directly with your proposal.

For Asian and Central/South American countries, please contact us with a proposal.

We expect a reserved parking space, suitable for the vehicle we will be travelling in, to be provided within 20 meters of the venue's loading door. Any parking charges are the sole responsibility of the promoter for that show. If parking is not possible within 20 meters of the loading door, then we would at least normally expect to be able to stop temporarily for loading/unloading and then to be guided to a permanent parking spot, with suitable private transportation to and from the venue arranged in advance. If stopping for loading/unloading is not possible within 20 meters of the loading door, then we would require a loading/unloading crew to be provided by the promoter. This applies globally.

We do not travel by boat. Not even short distances. Options are overland (road or rail) and sky (airplane, helicopter, spaceship).


Within Europe, the touring party normally sleeps in the truck. Therefore, no accommodation arrangements are necessary, other than a safe place to park overnight. Parking charges, if applicable, should be taken care of by the promoter.

For the rest of the world, or upon special arrangement for Europe, we expect to either be provided with a vehicle we could comfortably sleep in (beds and overnight heating), or with a clean room with a temperature of no less than 24 degrees Celsius, with enough beds/mattresses/couches for the whole touring party to sleep on. We dislike hotels and hostels, and would prefer to not use them. We prefer squats, communes, normal houses and live-in vehicles, as long as they are clean and warm.

There should be absolutely no naphthalene or mothballs in general in our sleeping area, and it should also be smoke-free.

Dietary Requirements:

We normally eat everything apart from broad beans/fava beans. If you have trouble identifying which ones the broad beans are, then just go by "no beans at all". Occasionally, members of our touring crew are vegetarians or vegans. If this is the case, you will be informed in advance. We expect such dietary requirements to be strictly adhered to. We have no problem eating vegetarian and vegan food if this is what you prefer offering. When no vegetarians/vegans are touring with us, we like eating meat and we really like trying out local delicacies. We really like fruit as well!!

Upon arrival at the venue, we like to be greeted with some light catering consisting of sandwiches, or just bread, cheese and cured meats, salad, and fruit. Then, after the sound-check and before we perform, we expect a full meal.

We really like home-cooked food. If this is not possible, we would be happy to be taken to a decent restaurant to eat there. We absolutely refuse to eat fast food.

We normally don't drink alcohol or do drugs. Occasionally, we tour with people who do. When we do, we will inform you in advance. We prefer herbal tea (camomile is the simplest one, found everywhere) and natural juices, instead of beer and hard liquor.

Venue Requirements:

We can easily adapt to many different spaces and settings, so we will only provide some very general requirements here.

Within Europe, we do not require mains electricity. We can power our set from our truck, provided that the stage is less than 20 meters away from the van. We can also use mains power, of any standard voltage, or a generator, upon agreement. For the rest of the world, we can perform using mains power of any standard voltage, a generator, or a vehicle with suitable electrical equipment to power our gear.

We require some space, at least 2 square meters in surface (shape does not matter, as long as it is flat), with adequate lighting, to set up our merchandise (CDs/Tapes/Vinyl/etc).

We are generally very flexible with how much space we need to perform. Just inform us of what kind of space you have, and we'll tell you if we can play there.

We also require a backstage area, where we can comfortably sit and relax before and after our performance, with a temperature of no less than 24 degrees Celsius. In Europe, we can use our truck for that. For the rest of the world, if our vehicle is suitable, we can use it. Otherwise, the promoter needs to figure out a backstage area for us. If it is not possible to have that inside the venue, then a squat/commune/house nearby would also do. We expect our backstage area to be smoke-free and mothball-free.

Language Information:

We mainly communicate in English. Our command of other languages is rather disappointing, so we expect to find someone who can communicate reasonably well in English, at each venue. For most other languages, the promoter will need to make arrangements for a translator to be there. Please contact us in advance if you have doubts about this, and we can figure out a solution.

Border Crossings:

We are quite experienced at crossing borders, but if special documents are needed to allow musicians to enter a certain country, we expect to be provided with these at least 14 days before the start of the tour. We dislike the practice of bribing border cops. If you expect that it would be necessary to do so in your country, please let us know in advance and we can figure something out.

Press, Photographs, Video and Sound Recording:

We generally do interviews. We do not need to be informed in advance. The only thing we need is to be told what sort of zine/website/tv/radio station the inteview is being done for.

We don't mind photographs, video or sound recording during our performances, as long as it is not for sale, or to be used commercially in any way. If you would like to do any of these things commercially, please inform us in advance and we can tell you if and how we will let you do it.

Bootlegging is fine with us, as long as it is to be distributed for free (for example on the internet). For commercial bootlegging (anything that you intend to sell), please contact us in advance (we recommend at least 14 days before the tour starts) to make arrangements.

Promoting the Gigs:

We will do our best to promote the shows on the internet, but putting up posters, handing out fliers and local radio/tv/zine advertisement is the responsibility of the promoter. We always have a poster designed for each tour, with a "Playing at:" field where you fill in the name of the venue and print them out yourself. We can also put some printed posters in the post if required, upon prior arrangement (at least 14 days before the tour starts). If you feel like making your own poster, please do. If you do make your own posters, please keep a couple aside for us to take when we come.

Reward Information:

We do not believe in the traditional form of reward or payment for performing. We do however need certain things to keep us on the road and keep us healthy and able to give 100% of ourselves to what we do best.

We generally dislike the monetary system and we would prefer not to handle money. This, however, has not proved possible in any previous attempts we've made. Ideally, we would like someone to pump fuel into our truck when it needs a refill, someone to give us a tin of motor oil every time we need to change the oil, someone to give us food when we feel hungry, and so on..

As this is quite idealistic, and has not worked in practice, we have often found ourselves in very unfortunate situations. We have come to the conclusion that we need to accept and use money in order to keep on touring.

For a complete tour, we normally calculate our total transportation costs, our total food costs, other touring expenses, plus a bit of money to get us by until the next tour, and divide the amount by the number of concerts we have arranged. As we play a very diverse range of spaces, we understand that they don't all have the same financial abilities, so we try to keep things on quite a personal level. If you feel there is a limit to how much you can afford to give us, let us know. If you feel you have more than enough, and could give us a little extra, please tell us. We could then arrange for the spaces that can afford it to cover for the spaces that cannot afford it. This keeps everyone happy, it keeps the crowds entertained, and it keeps us healthy and on the road for many years to come.