Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Stolen Vehicle Alert

Make: Volkswagen
Model: LT 28 D
Type: Motor Caravan (PKW)
Color: Black (badly spray-painted) with White Plastic high-top roof.

Registration Number: B-AN 9514
Year of Manufacture: 1992
VIN (Chassis) Number: WV2ZZZ21ZNH016705
Engine Type: 2.4 Turbo-Diesel (VW D24T)

Stolen from Berlin, Germany, between April 28 and May 18. Her name is Betty. She was a band tour-bus, bringing entertainment to people all around Europe. Before that, she was used by an alternative education project to travel around Europe for workshops. Her current owner cannot possibly afford to replace her. We really would like to get her back, in one piece. If you stole her, but have now regretted it and feel guilty, please return her.

PLEASE NOTE: The van has been found, unfortunately destroyed. The wiring was ripped out in a very sad attempt to hot-wire her, the seats and windows were broken, even the steering wheel was broken. So, no need to tell us if you see her now. But if you have any information on who did this, we would be very happy to know.